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Funnier with Hindsight

Remember the time we woke up at 3am in the morning to drive to Santiago to catch an early flight that we didn’t have legitimate tickets for?  Remember then how when we finally did secure some reasonably priced new tickets, we had to be shuttled through the airport because we were now cutting it close […]

The Hamptons of Chile

Zapallar and its neighboring towns to the south feel like the Chilean version of the villages and hamlets on the South fork of Long Island, New York.  Not that I’ve ever been to the Hamptons, but based on my extensive television viewing, this seems to fit most of the stereotypes of that region.  The homes […]


Most of our time in and around Zapallar is spent in a mode that is almost too relaxing.  I know that vacations are supposed to be restful, but I have been trained to try to pack each day of travel with activity when in a new place.  Therefore, on this trip, one way that I […]

Chile’s Central Coast

After two full days in the Cajon del Maipo valley, it would be an understatement to say that we all felt a little soar.  We got an upper body workout during rafting, a couple nice bruises on our bums from the horseback riding, and our legs and feet got their fair share of exercise during […]