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Paris and Constance, Part II

When determining the best way to get from the Saumur in the Loire Valley to Cecina, Italy, we figure out that training back to Paris, then flying to Pisa, and eventually training to Cecina is the best route. Once the path is settled, we start finding accommodations. We email back Constance, whom we had rented […]

Ode to Cheese

Camambert, Brie and Roquefort, Chevre, Boursin and Munster So many types, they’re hard to sort And after time, they’re only a blur. And when inside France, Not any bread will do. We never took a chance And had baguettes brand new. All I need is cheese and bread My preference of course being goat And […]

Constance’s Art Studio

Instead of finding a hostel or a nice bed and breakfast, Gabe and I use to find our one night’s worth of accommodation in Paris before heading to the Loire Valley. Gabe found us a small apartment located behind a small art studio. The pictures and reviews on airbnb looked promising, so we were […]

The Inspiration Eiffel Tower

After settling into our rented art studio apartment, Gabe and I head towards the Eiffel Tower. We know we are getting closer by the density of black market small Eiffel Towers being sold on the street. We walk underneath, quickly decide that waiting in line to get to the top is unnecessary and continue on […]