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Team Dégustation

Of utmost importance is how to pronounce our team name. Start out with a normal sentence like, “Right now, I am in the mood for…” or “Does anyone want to…” or “What do you think about…” or “Shall we find a…”. Make sure to prolong the last word of any of the above phrases, and […]

Ode to Cheese

Camambert, Brie and Roquefort, Chevre, Boursin and Munster So many types, they’re hard to sort And after time, they’re only a blur. And when inside France, Not any bread will do. We never took a chance And had baguettes brand new. All I need is cheese and bread My preference of course being goat And […]

Destination: Loire Valley

Bicycling through the Loire Valley occasionally stopping at vineyards and chateaus, feasting on French cuisines, and staying in cute hotels is about as enjoyable and romantic as it sounds. — Day 1: Getting to Tours Accommodation: Hotel le Manoir in Tours After picking up some more bread and cheese (and a couple pommes so that […]

Figuring out France

Deciding where to go in France is not an easy task as France is about 80% the size of Texas, and Texas is a big state. Not only that, France also has enormous variety in its different regions and the only narrowing factor I began with was that I wanted to go somewhere that included […]