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More Kauai highlights through pictures


A beautiful wedding

From the top of an old sugar plantation overlooking most of the island, the wind is blowing strong yet peacefully, and the light continue to play games with the clouds and the grounds as it sets over us.  The groom, one of my best friends, and the bridge both exchange heartfelt vows that bring tears.  […]

Waimea Wow

Waimea Canyon was a bit of an afterthought. We’d heard it can get cloudy and wanted to use the morning before the wedding to see if the fog would cooperate. The other couples we’re staying with weren’t as interested in an early morning, so Andrew and I were left by ourselves and out the door […]

Shave ice

We learn to appreciate the finer parts of shave ice here on Kauai.  The light and fluffy consistency that only the best shops seem to be able to achieve despite all using seemingly the same machine to make it.  Homemade syrups from organic Hawaiian ingredients.  Crowds of people outside trying to cool themselves off using […]

Queen’s Bath

We wake up for an early easy hike to some nearby tide pools named Queen’s Bath in Princeville. We get to the trail right when they “open”, although there really isn’t any opening and closing of the baths (or the hike).  We are back in the mud and immediately reminded of our Hanakapi’ai falls hike, […]

Champagne Sabering

A highlight that capped our day of relaxation at the St. Regis Princeville was the opportunity to saber a bottle of champagne.  We had heard that at 7pm, a bottle of champagne was to be sabered at the bar, so at 6:30 we venture over, grab a cocktail, and find our seats to enjoy the […]

The Dolphin

The Dolphin is the name of a restaurant in Hanalei that has been around for 30 years and is clearly a favorite of the locals.  When we ask where to go to dinner, Dolphin is a name that seems to appear in everyone’s list.  So we go. We eat only sushi and love the whole […]

Same Napali Coast by land

We did the same stretch of coastline today, except today we do it by land.  Entertainingly, we get to see the kayaks that were us just a day earlier as we walk along the cliffs of the Napali Coast.   More than yesterday, however, we appreciate that we are in a rainforest.  The weather changes […]

Napali Coast by 17 miles of sea

Lindsey and I arrive on the nature-filled island of Kauai late from a flight delay, find our airbnb apartment that we’ll be staying in for the first half of the week, venture out to a local grocery store to procure some necessities, and head to bed setting a much-too-early alarm for our first day on […]