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Ferry Boats

Athens and Istanbul both had great ferries. Athens had a system with boats that looked like cruise-liners while Turkey’s boats were more ferry-like, but they both were effective and enjoyable. In addition, Athens boats traveled longer distances instead of just over the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Given my positive ferry-riding experiences in these two countries, Dr. […]

Sailing the Mediterranean

After a full day yesterday exploring Athens, Adam and I felt ready for a day of relaxation. What better way to relax than atop a sailing yacht in the Mediterranean. We sailed to and from Salamina Island, where we enjoyed a delicious lunch, sun bathing, and a quick swim in the water. The temperature was […]

Bracketing Olympic Tradition

Not long ago, I walked through the stadium of the most recent summer Olympics from 2008 in Beijing. Today, I walk through the stadium of the ancient Greek Olympic games. The place where the very notion of the Olympics was born. The track was a little smaller and the stadium held less people than in […]

Kinsey, Well-traveled and Knowledgeable Kindle, Dies at 5 Months

Kinsey, a third generation kindle who traveled to China, Southeast Asia, Nepal, and Greece and always a faithful companion and tour guide, died last Tuesday near the Acropolis of Ancient Greece. He was 5. He died from a one meter fall onto ancient Greek ruins, and although at first glance it appeared that Kinsey suffered […]

Ancient Athens

In Athens, I led a small private tour for Adam, Drew, Amanda, and Carley earning myself the nickname “Tour Guide Andy”. We ran around Ancient Athens from the Acropolis to the Parthenon to the Agora to the Temple of Zeus and to the original Olympic Stadium just to name a few. At each site, while […]

Athens, Greece

καλημέρα. Saying goodbye to Mykonos and the people I had met over the last couple days is no easy task, but I am excited to explore Athens and its historic sites. After a sunny, beach-side breakfast complete with Greek yogurt, Greek coffee, a slice of cake, and bread until I feel full, I get back […]

Nooks and Crannies

Spanning a small area of only 33 square miles and with a population of about 10,000, Mykonos is easily transversed by motorbike or all-terrain vehicle (ATV).  At this time, there are still few tourists and the island is pleasantly quiet.  Also staying at Mama’s Pension, Kristen and I hire (a.k.a. rent) ATV’s and take off […]

En Route to Mykonos

I land in Athens, find a bus to Piraeus Port, and figure out how the ferries operate. I arrive with a list of islands in mind that I might like to visit and learn which island the next ferry will be traveling to. In twenty minutes, there is a ferry leaving for Mykonos Island (one […]

Next stop, Greece

“What a world of ruined sculpture was about us! Set up in rows—stacked up in piles—scattered broadcast over the wide area of the Acropolis—were hundreds of crippled statues of all sizes and of the most exquisite workmanship; and vast fragments of marble that once belonged to the entablatures, covered with bas-reliefs representing battles and sieges, […]