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Spisestedet Feed

When trying to find a place to eat in a new city, the challenge is always finding great value — the best food for a good cost.  That doesn’t mean eating on the cheap, and it doesn’t mean finding the top rated restaurant and eating at a premium.  Instead, it is finding that place that […]

Spotted in Ireland

Throughout this trip, Nick has diligently “checked us in” via the application Foursquare, thus making it easy to retrace our steps and see where we’ve eaten, drank, lodged, as well as what sites we’ve seen. The asterisks that can be found at the end of locations indicate my favorite places, and the more asterisks the […]

Hello Dublin

Soon after our Boston midnight flight We seek an Irish morning meal Blood sausage and eggs, what a sight And we eat with quite some zeal. Very soon to Dalkey we train To visit a friend and relish the sun, As we walk up and down costal terrain We feel this day can’t be outdone. […]

Vamos a Chile

To make our unnecessarily long break from school seem more “productive” and to escape colder and colder temperatures that recently caused the Charles River to freeze, four of my classmates and I took off for Chile.  With temperatures in the high eighties and low nineties, with daylight that lasts until almost 9pm, with an outdoor […]

The New Modern Italian Style of Cooking

Appetizers: Filangee of Carrots in white balsamic vinegar with black sesame seeds Pancetta stuffed with prunes in Negroamaro wine sauce First course: Tagliolini with Guanciale and filangee of Roman zucchini on yellow pumpkin sauce Second course: Veal and pork “Straccetti” in the Pizzaiola style Eggplant a la “Parmigiana” Desserts: Ricotta cheese mousse with Amaretta in […]

Paris and Constance, Part II

When determining the best way to get from the Saumur in the Loire Valley to Cecina, Italy, we figure out that training back to Paris, then flying to Pisa, and eventually training to Cecina is the best route. Once the path is settled, we start finding accommodations. We email back Constance, whom we had rented […]

Ode to Cheese

Camambert, Brie and Roquefort, Chevre, Boursin and Munster So many types, they’re hard to sort And after time, they’re only a blur. And when inside France, Not any bread will do. We never took a chance And had baguettes brand new. All I need is cheese and bread My preference of course being goat And […]

Destination: Loire Valley

Bicycling through the Loire Valley occasionally stopping at vineyards and chateaus, feasting on French cuisines, and staying in cute hotels is about as enjoyable and romantic as it sounds. — Day 1: Getting to Tours Accommodation: Hotel le Manoir in Tours After picking up some more bread and cheese (and a couple pommes so that […]

Andiamo a Roma

After a bus ride form the Airport to Piazza Cavour in the center of Rome, I meet up with my good friend Gabe. We were both classmates at university and will be starting school together in just a couple months. But before that, we will be traveling together first bicycling through the Loire, then farming […]

Moroccans and their Tea

Tea has become an unplanned theme of my trip, so I might as well continue to weave this theme into my Moroccan experience. Requesting tea in Morocco always means requesting sweet mint tea, and labeling this tea sweet is an understatement. Sugar is easily the primary ingredient, but having the sweet tooth that I do, […]