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Picture Perfect Petra

There is something about Petra that seems simultaneously both ancient and more advanced than today.  This Nabataean settlement’s stunning rock-cut architecture is unimaginable and would be hard to create with today’s technology let alone over two thousand years ago.  As we pass through the narrow Siq, we eventually arrive at the famous Treasury façade leading […]

Father-Son Trip

Just finished my last first semester of grad school, and I’m off to make the most of winter break.  The break begins on a trip with my dad in Israel and Jordan.  After a long flight over the Atlantic and through the Mediterranean, I arrive at Tel Aviv International Airport at sunrise, figure out which […]

The New Modern Italian Style of Cooking

Appetizers: Filangee of Carrots in white balsamic vinegar with black sesame seeds Pancetta stuffed with prunes in Negroamaro wine sauce First course: Tagliolini with Guanciale and filangee of Roman zucchini on yellow pumpkin sauce Second course: Veal and pork “Straccetti” in the Pizzaiola style Eggplant a la “Parmigiana” Desserts: Ricotta cheese mousse with Amaretta in […]

Traveling with Parents

There were a couple changes, in no particular order, that I experienced when traveling with my parents: Bedtime moves to 10:30pm Nicer meals More map folding Automatic shifting rental car More talk about grandchildren Nicer accommodations Greater patience needed Increased planning Good meal conversation Never missing breakfast

Onwards to Lucca

Our last morning in Oriveto is spent underground. Orvieto hides caves and tunnels in the volcanic rock on which the city is build. In these underground passages that were originally mainly accessible by private homes above, we find wells, stairs, quarries, cellars, pigeon farms, and more. After a tour of the underground and a quick […]

Mia Mamma e Mio Papà

Almost five months after being dropped off at Los Angeles International Airport, I see my parents again. We try to time it so that we both arrive into Rome’s FCO airport at the same time, and if I hadn’t been flying on the generally delayed EasyJet, our timing would have been very close. After collecting […]

My Worn Identity

Several times throughout my academic career, my class was asked to write words that we identified with, whether it was adult, tall, American, blue-eyed, Muslim, etc.  Unfortunately, it is these “identities” that could get me in trouble as I meet new people from other cultures.  And to complicate matters further, these identities are far from […]