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The Botanical Gardens and Johnny Clegg

Many of us who had just finished our school program spent one evening at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens listening to the South African musician Johnny Clegg.  Clegg’s sounds can probably best be described by imagining an ethnically South African Dave Matthews Band.  We all brought snacks and local wine to this family-friendly concert with its […]

Around Cape Town

The Penguins of Boulders Beach: Stellenbosch Vineyards: The Cheetahs of Spier Winery: Hike to the top of Lion’s Head: Hout Bay: Cape of Good Hope:

Setting Table Mountain

Although I hiked to the top of Cape Town’s famous mountain only the other day, I could not resist returning to its summit to enjoy a clear sunset.  Luckily, there is a shortcut to the top by means of a cable car. Even on a clear day, the table cloth, an appropriately named layer of […]

From The Mountains to The Sea

I didn’t get enough heights from my paragliding adventure and searched out that dizzying, gut-wrenching feeling caused by looking downwards from great heights the same afternoon after my Lion’s Head paragliding flight. The recently built Cape Town Stadium is partially covered by a glass roof, from which we can see Table Mountain on one side, […]

Flying into Cape Town

Stefan says to me, “On the count of three, we will start running.  And don’t forget to not sit down.” “Right,” I reply. “I guess I’m ready.” I ineffectively try to wipe the sweat from my face on this scorcher of day. I think of all the not-so-reassuring words that fellow flyer and classmate Matt […]

Cape Town’s South Beach

In order to fully understand the many aspects of Cape Town culture, my classmates and I venture to Camps Bay Beach located just on the other side of Lion’s Head Mountain from our hotel to experience the city’s nightlife.  Apparently, Camps Bay is a high-rent area where people go out to be seen, and although […]

Langa Township

Opposite of many other large cities, in the core of the Cape Town dwells the wealthy, and the “suburbs” are where the poor reside within townships.  As part of the school’s immersion program, we spend an afternoon having lunch at and visiting one such township, the Langa Township. Much of what we see there could […]

More Shade, More Ice Cream

On the first day of our school-sponsored program here in Cape Town, each of the eleven teams is assigned to go out into the city and photography unmet needs that we find. We all lather on the sunscreen, find our hats, sunglasses, and sandals, and head out to find what Cape Town is missing.  All […]

Destination: Cape Town

Being back in school has its many perks, one of which is the return of winter break.  Not only does winter break mean that I can escape Boston for most of December and January to go enjoy much more reasonable climates, it also means that I can spend time with family, see old friends, and […]