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Happiness is a place

Thimphu is littered with dogs, high off the knowledge that no one will do them harm. “That dog”, they say, “could be your mother from a past life.” Bhutan is a deeply Buddhist country, with an unapologetic tie between church and state. Urbanization is moving people from the countryside into the overcrowded and rapidly developing […]

One Morning in Bangkok

I have a long layover in Bangkok between arriving on the overnight bus and departing on a plane to Vietnam later in the day. I realize that college classmate Nithya and her cousin Sangita are in Bangkok, coordinate a plan to meet up, and we make the most of the morning. In a short time, […]

Week of Meditation at Doi Suthep

I intend to follow all of the rules and guidelines for meditators except one. I will write in the evenings to record this experience for my own record and to share with others. Because I cannot talk, I cannot read, I cannot check email or use a computer, and in fact, there is very little […]

Meditation Rules and Guidelines

As I set off for Vipassana Meditation at the Wat Phradhat Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I want to record the rules, guidelines and daily routine that I should expect. I have my two sets of loose-fitting white clothing and think I am ready.  I start in a couple hours and finish in a […]

Buddhism and Thai Massage

Much of Thai massage techniques facilitate seated meditation. I used this as validation to go to the excellent Thai massage place just next to my guest house. Bon Massage, which is located in the southeast corner of central Chiang Mai near the Thaphe Gate, provides a great atmosphere along with their traditional Thai massages. Massage […]

When in a Buddhist Temple

Similar to the old saying about the Romans, when in a Chinese Buddhist Monastery, one should do as the Chinese Buddhists do. While in Hangzhou, I ventured to Fei Lai Feng (also Fei Lai Peak), which faces the Lingyin Temple. The Lingyin Temple is home to hundreds of Buddhist statues, and many probably travel here […]