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Fabulously photographic fjords

Test riding our bikes

We arrive in Voss from Bergen via train with a lot of daylight left, especially with sunset around 11pm.  We explore the town for a bit and caffeinate ourselves to fight the jetlag at a nice local coffee shop.  With coffee now in our system, we can start to figure out what the rest of […]

Bergen really puts the fun in funicular

As weary travelers, we land in Bergen Close to midnight with the land still bright, With jetlag, the time is quite uncertain So we find our beds and say good night. The next morning starts before the hour six Starting at an award-winning coffee shop, And we’re excited to learn the city’s tricks In this […]

Getting ready for Norway

Trying to find a book on Norway, I came across many of the history books that write of the many battles that occurred through the Viking Age and into the Middle Ages.  Although the blood and guts seemed exciting and although it is clearly an essential part of Norwegian history, I decided to take a […]