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Month: December, 2015

Spisestedet Feed

When trying to find a place to eat in a new city, the challenge is always finding great value — the best food for a good cost.  That doesn’t mean eating on the cheap, and it doesn’t mean finding the top rated restaurant and eating at a premium.  Instead, it is finding that place that […]

Why are the Danes so happy

Since 2012, the UN has been publishing a World Happiness Report.  In the first couple years of its existence, Denmark has claimed the top spot, usually followed closely by other Scandinavian countries.  In 2015, the Danes are still near the top, but they are preceded by Switzerland and Iceland. As I am with most things […]

2nd day of Christmas

Day 2 begins when two gloggy (that’s a Danish joke) travelers step out for coffee. We walk into the street and are struck by the silence. It’s 7am the day after Christmas in the rain, but still, I’ve never been able to hear the squeak of my sneakers in a city quite like I am […]

Copenhagen’s Tivoli Christmas Market

We’ve chosen to spend Christmas this year away from home.  Our works decided to shut down between Christmas and New Years, and we almost felt obligated to find a new place to explore. We start in Copenhagen.  Arriving in the late morning on Christmas day, we figure out the metro and find our Airbnb in […]