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Month: August, 2013

Week 6 – Bike & Build

7/21 – 7/23: Joplin, MO Mileage: 80 Host: Byers Avenue United Methodist Church The sweepstakes for today’s ride is to make a music video, and Kristin, Ella V, Amanda, and I do just that. We pick up a couple cliché songs to sing and we film scenes as the day progresses. Another big topic of […]

More weekly Bike & Build videos

Here are a couple more videos made by rider Daniel: Bike & Build – Me2Sb13 – Week 4 from Daniel LaFata on Vimeo. Bike & Build – Me2Sb13 – Week 5 from Daniel LaFata on Vimeo.

A little jingle for my aches and pains

Particularly when trying to scale some of our larger hills, this little chant helped me continue to climb. Left, left, left, right, left. My back hurts, my chamois high, My hips shake from left to right. Left, left, left, right, left. My knees ache, my hand’s numb, But I am still having fun. Left, left, […]

Dubbed – by Bike & Build’s ME2SB 2013

We sometimes find ourselves with a little extra time on the road, and this is what can happen as a result: I make a silly video.

Week 5 – Bike & Build

7/14: Salem, IL Mileage: 61 Host: Grace United Methodist Church, 116 E Schwartz The road to Salem is relatively short and flat, and we take full advantage. We lounge at every stop, nap under many a tree, and get to our host site early enough to enjoy some personal time or some time at a […]


Sweepstakes is a competition put on each day by the two “sweep” riders, who ride at the end of the pack making sure that no Bike & Builder gets left behind. They design a challenge such as take the best photograph with a local, film a music video, or pull the best prank. Then at […]

Week 4 – Bike & Build

7/9 – 7/10: Yellow Springs, OH Mileage: 55 Host: Antioch College My body gets rocked today starting at 2am and not in the same physical way that the bicycling and building had been doing previously. I must have eaten something that I shouldn’t have and as a result I am making panicked trips to the […]

Bike & Build does laundry

Living on the road, although very far from real life, still comes with its challenges and its chores. The group is divided into five different rotating chore groups to tackle exactly these. There is an overnight crew to make sure we aren’t forgetting anything at our hosts. The cooler crew packs and unpacks the coolers […]