it's 40k kilometers around the world's circumference

Month: June, 2013

Today’s goal is to ride

There is something incredibly liberating about a day’s goal being to get from point A to point B aboard a bicycle.  All of a sudden riding for 80 miles or more, although still daunting, no longer seems impossible.  A slow and steady pace with healthy breaks will still make this goal accomplishable.  Given that, we […]

Sit Bones

Over the first couple days, I have become very aware of my sit bones.  This is probably because each time my butt finds my bicycle saddle, I am immediately reminded of said bones.  Also known as the tuberosity of the ischium, these bones are covered by the gluteus maximum (butt muscles) in the upright position, […]

Week 1 – Bike & Build

6/15 – 6/18: Portland, ME Mileage: n/a (arrived by airplane) Host: St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 678 Washington Ave After a couple days on our own, the trip leaders are joined by the 24 other riders whom we will help safely reach the other side of the country. We play name games, give presentations on what […]

The Webbers

I have now officially begun what will be a 77-day adventure across the country with Bike & Build starting in Portland, Maine and ending in Santa Barbara, California.  I chose to apply to be a trip leader for a Bike & Build ride because it allows me to further my interest in cycling while figuring […]