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Month: February, 2011

Visas – “Check Everywhere You Want To Be”

As the USA has become stricter and stricter letting in foreign visitors, the reverse has also become true.  This is probably due to a combination of countries being frustrated with US stricter policies as well as just taking greater security precautions.  That said, as a traveler, it hasn’t always been an advantage being from the […]

The Dance of Travel Immunizations

In medicine, I’ve always heard that it never hurts to get a second opinion.  But in the case of travel immunizations, more opinions may mean a little more pain because they usually mean more pokes in the arm by long, sharp, shiny needles.  That said, when I didn’t cry, I sometimes received some celebratory lollypops.  […]

T Minus One Month

My departure date both beckons and looms.  I leave the San Francisco Bay Area in less than a month, and before then, there is a lot to wrap up including job, apartment, and trip plans.  Since there’s little exciting to say about putting my room into boxes, one area of my trip planning that I […]